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5 Things You Must Know About Guest Lists in New York City

If you’re young and living in New York city, chances are you enjoy the night life. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of nightclubs in NYC to let loose and have a good time at and one way to ensure your entrance to these clubs is to know the ins and outs of the guest lists. Here at Birthdays and Bottles, we’ve put together an extensive list of five tidbits of knowledge, crucial to New York city guest lists from the do’s and don’ts to how to get on them and other questions you’re dying to know!


1. Being on the guest list does not always guarantee admittance
Your name on the guest list is just one of many factors considered by the manager. Lounges in NYC are looking for crowds who add to the atmosphere and if your party is too large, you have a bad attitude, or the club is already too crowded then your name being on the guest list may not matter. It’s also important to know that not being on the guest list is not an automatic rejection at the club doors. If you look like someone who is going to bring the party with you to a club on a slow night, if you’re fun, and easy going, and if you look like you’re in it for the long haul, the club manager may still let you in. So to sum it up— being on the guest list does not make or break you.

2. How to get on the guest list
If you’re reading this article you’re probably thinking that going to an exclusive club and hoping they let you in because you look fun is not something you’re willing to test. You’re saying “but how do I get on a guest list?” Well you can use your connections with the owner or manager of a club— if you have them they’re a great asset that you should utilize. You can use a promoter however this option can be just as risky as hoping you get into the club without your name on the guest list. Promoters can be unreliable and sometimes they do not have the ability to persuade the manager enough to get just anyone into the club. The third, more reliable option, is to use a bottle service (like Birthdays and Bottles perhaps) that can help get you the night out you’ve always dreamed of. There are a handful of clubs that don’t really care whether you’re on a guest list; minimums are as high as $2K for a party of only 10 people.

3. Dress accordingly
It’s important to know that, whether or not you’re on the guest list, complying with the dress code is a must! Getting onto a guest list or getting access to an exclusive club is much easier if you look like you belong with the A-list guests. Do your research on the dress code of whichever club you’ll be attending but know that it’s generally expected that some effort was put into your attire.

4. Picking the right club
You’ll have an easier time getting onto the guest list of a club that fits your style and taste. Club owners and managers want people who make their club even more enjoyable so if you look for clubs that you’ll have fun at, the manager will be able to see that you’ll add to the vibe they’re going for. Make sure you research the types of crowds at any given club, the types of music they play, and the nights to be there. If you pick the right club for you, getting in will only be the beginning of a great night!

5. Who do you know?
Back in the day, everyone in a party had to be on the list. This is no longer the case! If you’re having a party (and say you used a bottle service to ensure getting on the guest list) your name is the only one that has to be on the list. Invite all your friends and their friends— even if you don’t know their names— because the only name that needs to be known is yours.

If you like these tips and want to learn more about the New York social scene, visit our website at We are a bottle service company that aims to please and we’re reliable for getting you onto the guest list of your dreams! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @birthdaysandbottles and like our Facebook page for more articles, deals, and information to make you the savviest New Yorker around.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

5 of the Best Dance Clubs in NYC

New York City is known for the spectacular nightlife it has to offer and it is no stranger to dance clubs. We have chosen 5 of the hottest dance clubs in NYC to highlight that fact in this article. Each venue has something unique to make for a truly amazing event where you can dance like no one is watching!


The DL
the exterior of the DL in NycThe DL is one of New York’s hottest dance clubs. This multi-level venue is great for any party or event because of its versatility. The top floor is a retractable rooftop space with room for up to 400 guests to break a move! Music can be played by a DJ or via an IPOD and the space is also equipped with an HD video wall that truly transforms the rooftop into a magnificent dance floor. There are two other levels to complement the third floor dance party; the sexy Red Room on the second floor ideal for birthday parties, and the main dining area for Dinner on Ludlow, ideal for up to 150 guests. Both the first and second floor have the ability to play music through an IPOD adapter or by having a DJ. If you’re looking for a dance club that can do it all, you will not go wrong in choosing the DL.





The Hudson Terrace

The Salon at Hudson Terrace is located on the 2nd floor and has its own DJThe Hudson Terrace is a modern, up scale night club perfect for dancing till there are holes in your shoes. There are several rooms— The Salon, The Garden Terrace, and the Rooftop Garden Lounge— and the best dancing happens in the Rooftop Garden Lounge. This space features a retractable rooftop, glass walled cabanas, and lots of comfortable seating in addition to the spacious dancing area. And don’t forget about the amazing views from this rooftop heaven.





The Empire Hotel Rooftop
empire hotel new picsThe ultimate sophisticated dance party awaits you at the Empire Hotel Rooftop. Head to the 12th floor of this iconic, Upper West Side hotel for incredible views of the Lincoln Center, delectable bites, and tasty drinks all while you bust a move! This is the perfect venue for anyone who is both classy and sassy. It has also been rumored that the rooftop is going to be getting a make over this year— in the form of a retractable roof— in the hopes of being even more attractive for a multitude of dance parties.



Suite 36
The lights are dimmed at Suite 36Suite 36 is a bi-level club that doubles as a sports bar and dance club; it’s a spectacular space designed with everyone
in mind. The spacious ground floor is the perfect area for dancing the night away to the superb music. Suite 36 is the place to be for a laid back night with friends. They have delicious food and a tasty cocktail menu to compliment it. With an abundance of beautiful leather furniture, you can take a seat in between your dancing sprees at this fantastic venue!

Highline Ballroom
Highline BallroomThe Highline Ballroom is a unique venue where they are dedicated to providing guests with the best experience possible! This immaculate space offers plenty of room to dance and the stage for live shows makes for an unforgettable experience. Highline Ballroom offers a diverse menu with tasty appetizers like Cracker Jack Jerk Wings, Pulled Pork Buns, and Mahi Mahi Tacos. Don’t miss out on their great drink menus too! Highline Ballroom is a fabulous event space with all the entertainment and dancing room you could hope for!



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Sunday, 8 May 2016

3 Mother’s Day Brunch Spots in New York City

Every year has one day in May dedicated to celebrating the amazing job mothers do. I myself, have been fortunate enough to have an awesome relationship with my mom so celebrating her on this day in an extra special way is a great way to thank her for being such a terrific mom! At Birthdays and Bottles, we would love to help you find a stellar brunch spot in New York City that shows your mom just how appreciated she is on this upcoming Mother’s Day.

Our first spot is The Chester in the Meatpacking district. Located in the heart of the Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking district, The Chester is a beautiful location for this year’s Mother’s Day brunch. They have a delicious menu selection with brioche French Toast, Eggs Benedict, or a White Omelet (tomato, spinach, and feta) if you’re looking for breakfast items. They also have a scrumptious selection of burgers and sandwiches including a Foie Gras Burger and Caprese Sandwich. Weather permitting, the Chester also has a beautiful outdoor event space called the Biergarten. This area offers beautiful views of the historic Meatpacking district in an intimate and lively space surrounded by natural foliage. The Chester is truly a space that says Mother’s Day brunch in a classy, unforgettable way.

Our second spot is Hotel Chantelle on the Lower East Side. This sophisticated venue offers a unique family style brunch menu perfect for a Mother’s Day gathering— without the stress of cooking or cleaning! The family style meal is served in two prix fixe courses beginning with truffle grilled cheese, avocado toast, breakfast pizza, baby leaf caesar, and greek yogurt. The second course includes stuffed french toast, scrambled egg crostini, bacon crusted kobe sliders, chicken and waffles, or a lobster roll. While you and your mom enjoy the decadent food, you have the option to sip on a Bloody Mary, Bellini, mimosa, and other speciality cocktails. The rooftop restaurant with killer views is a sure fire way to show your mom just how appreciated she is for all her hard work.

The Maple in Midtown is another amazing Mother’s Day Brunch spot. With flowing, all you can drink Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas and a delicious combination of breakfast and lunch items, The Maple truly has it all to show your mom the appreciation she deserves. Check out their Huevos Rancheros with crispy tortillas, black beans, and salsa rosa or the Pan Roasted Salmon with brussels sprouts, bacon, and creamy polenta. Not only does The Maple have a lot to offer in itself but its prime location, in the center of Times Square, is great for a post-brunch exploration of the city. It’s guaranteed that your mom will feel special and appreciated at her brunch at the Maple!

If you’re looking for more great venues check out our website at
And next time you’re planning an event, look to us for all your planning needs. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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